The Blockchain Canvas ToolBox

Here is what you can expect from the Blockchain Canvas:

  1. Filling the canvas can help you validate or improve your idea
  2. You can use what you produced here to create the Documentation of your project (for your Website or GitHub)
  3. You can use it as a preliminary project design, from there you can even write a full white paper
  4. You can use it as an effective way to lay out a Proposal (if you are applying for a grant or hiring a team)
  5. You can use it to seek the service of software developers (e.g. blueprint)
  6. You can also use it to present your project in a single slide, in a pitch deck (for a conference, for investors) or in a poster format

A powerful tool for your Blockchain projects

Before you start, I will give you 3 advices:

  1. Understand what is the purpose of a blockchain before using it.
  2. Start from the use case, not from the tech.
  3. Understand the limitations of blockchain and only use it if you are going to leverage its real value. Sometimes, all you need is a database with good redundancy and PKI.

Alright! You are ready to pursue your Blockchain journey.
You can take 5 minutes to read the Tutorial which explains:

  • Why use the Blockchain Canvas
  • How to use it
  • How to recycle your results

Fill the Blockchain Canvas at your own pace using your favorite tool:
1. Miro for a real Canvas approach,
2. TypeForm for a conversational approach (receive your results in your inbox),
3. Direct download on our computer,
3. I am working on other playful ways to help your structure and develop your ideas! Stay tuned.

If the Blockchain Canvas has been useful to you and/or if you need more tools, you can leave me a quick feedback on this page and subscribe to this blog.

Let’s build something together.

Licences / Licenses

Attention aux licences, le canevas est mis à disposition en licence : CC BY-NC-SA (plus d’informations sur les licences Creative Commons)
Pay attention to the licenses, the canvas is under : CC BY-NC-SA (more details about Creative Commons licences)
Auteur/Author : Sajida Zouarhi

Canvas Licenses

Pour toutes utilisations à usage commercial, merci de me contacter pour avoir l’accord et les modalités de tarification selon votre usage (gratuit de manière générale, payant si vous l’utilisez dans le cadre d’une offre commerciale).
Exemples : utilisation lors d’une formation, prestation de conseil pour un client etc.

For any commercial use, please contact me to have the authorization the pricing depending of your situation (free in most instances, not free if you use it to sell a service).
Examples : training sessions, consulting services etc.

About the Author

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